Eat the strawberries, and keep on walking.

IMG_4405[1]Most days we go outside my daughter scopes the herb garden hoping to spot a little strawberry, eating them whether they are ripe or not. She hadn’t done this in a little while, as we had been away from home a bit. I found 6 or 7 lovely little wild strawberries, very small and super sweet.


The decision: Eat the strawberries or share them. Usually i’d tell her and show her, and share the harvest. Not this day, its time that I enjoy the fruit too!! How often do you eat the fruit, honestly I don’t do this enough.

Mums have to look after themselves too. MIMG_4498[1]ake sure we get our rest when we are feeling down and a bit under the weather, like having a pajama day for everyone and watching the twirly-woo’s. Making a paper headband costume to wear too. Kids can be hard on you and wear you down, no one else will look after you if you don’t.

Kids also spill oily pesto on comfortable suede mummy shoes. grrrr. Solution, spend some time and some cornflour and make those shoes look like new again. Don’t just let them sit there with a stain making you feel disappointed. It really worked well and they cleaned up a treat. Do something for yourself today and walk tall.


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