40 years of life, what will change in the next 40?

DSCN0566Yes, this is “a cake” Nothing fancy or handcrafted, just picked up from the bakery and brought home for a little BBQ for my husbands 40th Birthday.

He was very happy to be spending this weekend, and the rest of his birthday weekends in the future at the School of the Soldier, an American Civil War event. Great people sharing their love of living history together and having fun bringing battles and struggles of setting up a camp to life. The quilt I made him a while back was used to help the remote southerner’s camp to feel more homely.


We are thinking that we wont be able to do quite as much of the living history as we used to now that we are heading over to the west coast, and had a little shop to sell off some excess equipment, things that he had anticipated using for years to come. With the changes, we will have to focus more keenly on the Medieval era kit, and develop new friendships with the people from WA.


The camaraderie that is experienced on the field is no less in the campsite, with many of the soldiers and the women assisting me with the kids when they were really struggling with the humidity. Having no naps to speak of made for two very tired irritable children, and a mum with dehydration and heatstroke from trying to get them to nap in the tent. Hydro-lite was administered to me and we headed home early, with a long trip home in the car. I knew it would be hard, with two kids and no mod-cons, but the chance to give the kids this experience was well worth the effort.

Still feeling unwell as I write this post, grateful to a husband who caringly looks after his family and gets us all home safe. How will our family enjoy simple times together for the next 40 years? With determination, lots of preparation and with intentional plans to make our own memories together.

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