Family and support, enjoying the here and now.

My husband spent the weekend in Bunbury, one day at the new workplace, and another looking at houses with a real estate agent. We stayed in Melbourne with my parents, to give me company and support while he was away sorting things out.

There were a few places that fit the brief, and as I thought, some homes that looked fine in photos were really quite tired and worn (floors and walls & other not photographed messy bits). It seems we may need to spend a little more to get a home that is in better condition and this will be very important, as he will not have much time for doing work around the house with the new job.

Feeding the Ducks with Nan
Really noticed that my daughter had developed a fair bit over the last month and is becoming a real little toddler. It was lovely to see the relationship between her and her Nan and Pop blossoming, and the love that they share. Very delightful to see my Dad taking my son on the swing, and riding him around on the little trike. Both very happy to play together in the sand building sandcastles. Dad (also an engineer prior to his retirement), engineered a little cover for him from a teatowel to stop him eating the sand. Trips to the park and feeding the ducks, memories being made for the children, bonds being formed before their big move away from the family.

Pop’s Little Ray of Sunshine
My brothers came home for dinner with their families one night, and we had much to celebrate with my sister in laws; one pregnant and the other asked my brother to marry her (it was on the leap year day). Just as we are getting to see one another more, and the kids are all becoming familiar with one another, we will be separated.

Immense enjoyment and appreciation of the shower now that its back in use.
There is currently a lot of support for us with our children, as both of our parents regularly travel to Ballarat to help me take my daughter to swimming lessons. Lately they have also been helping to get the house up to scratch to sell, painting the laundry, and building and tiling the shower recess, if not, its just he day to day, getting kids to bed and making lunch.

It was great just to live in the here and now, forgetting that there was a storm of activity ahead in the blueprint, and enjoy time with my family. How life and relationships will change with distance, only time can tell, but the weekend highlighted for me just how important family support can be.

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