Introducing the Kids

Learning Together, Laughing Together
I have two very special children, very loved and cared for. We had been awaiting their arrival for some time, and a great deal of science (IVF & non IVF) and planning went into them coming into this world. Our eldest, 23 months old was our first and she loves to get involved in what everyone is doing, loves horses, reading and singing and music. Our second born son is 6 months old, and is just delightful. He has a wicked smile that really makes people take notice, and an adorable giggle. He seems to have a sense of humor and likes to play and sleep and eat. Just a textbook perfect little lad, we couldn’t have asked for two more perfect children had we had the completed request form. (I suspect that all parents say this about their kids, but we have had so many people comment on them). My aim in Engineering this Life, is to make it the best life I can for them without going overboard and forgetting my own life in the process.

Building the Mechanics to Crawl
Our happy little boy
Just having fun at home
Loves to play outside
Wiggly Worms:   I have been working on stimulating variety of activities for the children, being a full time Domestic Engineer, its really a big part of my vocation, and today we made “wiggly worms” out of fruit packing boxes. We were going to paint them, (and perhaps add googly eyes) but the heat outside kept us indoors, using felt tip pens to decorate the worms. I still do most of the drawing, but new skills today included stenciling on a brown paper bag and using markers instead of crayons, pens and pencils. You cant do this sort of thing everyday, its just not manageable, but its good to do something new at least once a week to keep everyone entertained,

“Decorating” the wiggly worms.IMG_3892[1]

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