Mum’s on Strike, so the kids win.

With things till a little muddy in terms of the arrangements and timing of our move, I’ve decided to go on strike for the last two days. That means only doing what is required to look after the kids and not much else. I have really had enough of not knowing whats going on, so that’s whats happening; on strike until further notice.

Keep clear of mum, and be good, she needs some time to decompress.

Prior to me going on strike I had been really keen, getting things ready and packing up the house, boxes, cleaning and painting the windowsills, inside and out. Enjoying the house starting to look great, and even had a Mothers Day pampering; a huge morning tea with hand massage, crafting, and doing my nails. I even scored some towels to do up the house for when it goes on the market.

Windows with new locks (Ta, Dad) and a coat of paint.
Windows with new locks (Ta, Dad) and a coat of paint.
New hotel quality!
New hotel quality towels…free!









So we had an easy dinner last night, no cook chicken and chips, as we returned from the park after a long day and a very long walk to the park. Left the house and all the disasters behind and jumped ship. I even had a half hour nap while the kids were sound asleep. (No-one is sleeping today). On our walk we saw a little white ladder aside a tree. At the park my daughter practiced her ladder climbing, and set up a little train station with bark tickets, asked everyone for “tickets please”. On the way home there were twelve kids in the street, all having a go climbing up the little ladder to get into the tree. It is great to see the tides turning and the helicopter parents nowhere in sight.

To the park... diggin' trains.
To the park… diggin’ trains.
Checking out the bridges.
Checking out the bridges.









The kids have been having a ball, toys are everywhere, inside, outside, making a huge mess. They were so cute playing “dress ups” with my clean washing so I just let them do it. (Until my son cried out he had had enough of the towel over his face). There isn’t a single room in the house that could be called clean or tidy. They both just loved that I spent the morning getting out the train set to play, and this morning my son decided it would be great to plough his way through like a crawling Godzilla, and pull apart the tracks, upending a logging car to eat the tree trunks. Little miss 2 was very unimpressed with his efforts. We might need to rebuild the tracks this afternoon. Lets see if mummy can find the energy before cooking tea, we have people coming over tonight for reenactment craft, so hopefully they can find their way to the lounge-room without stepping in anything hideous.

So excited and proud of her trains, "Go grumpy diesel!!"
So excited and proud of her trains, “Go grumpy diesel!!”
Baby Godzilla
Baby Godzilla!

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