Its Autumn, leaves will fall and we will play.


So it’s clearly Autumn, and I am beginning to wonder if we will be in town for this Winter. We have slowed down a lot over the past month, with school holidays and Easter, and have spent time enjoying the weather, and some outdoor time.


We got a sandpit for the kids to play in, as you cant just wait around, life goes on and the kids are still growing and developing. Our daughter is wrapped to have a sandpit at home to play, and today we went out to spend some time frolicking and generally relaxing in the autumn leaves.

IMG_0388 IMG_0646 IMG_0678IMG_0494

I will miss the quiet tree lines street we live in, and the vibrant colors that are a big part of autumn in Ballarat. We made a lovely mobile from the autumn nature collection. Really trying to enjoy the simple life. I have sold some more reenactment gear from the 95th Rifles group too this week on Facebook, and i’m looking forward to reinvesting that into some new equipment soon. My son is really stepping up from a baby to a little boy, getting teeth and starting to get more mobile, rolling around like crazy. We also made some cute stick puppets (thanks Playschool)! which I am sure will get some use soon. Old birthday cards and chopsticks, and some stickers did the trick.IMG_0416


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