I want to wear a helmet ….. Like my mummy.

DSCN0867We finally made it to the Easter encampment for some well earned time off.  Mummy packed up her mummy chest, and off she went to fire arrows at people in the woods, leaving two small children behind with their dad for a while to fend for themselves. Combat archery is great fun, highly recommend it, and I hadn’t done any since before my first pregnancy. One of the things people tell you is that our children will want to do everything mummy and daddy do. And its just so true, never been more graphically illustrated than here, “Helmet on…gloves on…” she said, dressing up like mum is fun “again…helmet on again”.










This time of year is always considered the time for families to “Go camping”, as the warmer weather becomes temperate, and is in advance of the winter season, it seems like this is what all Australians seem to do. It will be interesting to see what our new adventures in Medieval Reenactment will entail, and how we will be able to adjust to working physically in the heat. My husband has met with a group in Perth, who train weekly, but earlier in the morning. One little girl very excited to be going camping again, and somewhat sad to have to say goodbye after just one solid day of fun. One very tired mummy who hopes to use her sweet gifted mummy chest for many years to come.


Easter also brought family gatherings and feasting, chocolate eating, and the well developed traditional “googy egg” for Sunday morning. Flea bombings also ensued due to an aging cat and a dry season, expecting drier weather and sandier soil over the west. Easter Monday was a craft day, making bunnies and having a pajama day.


There were a plethora of pom poms around the house today.

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