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It doesn’t rain….. it pours.

What a difference a day makes. One day we get advice that there will not be any further movement towards Bunbury until September or October. “Oh dear” I thought, I’d have to face another cold bleak Ballarat winter, the kind that chills to the bone and goes on forever. We have had a taste of chilled days this week, just as a brutal reminder of how cold it can be and it just bucketed down with rain, filling the kids sandpit like a beach at the ocean in five inches of rainwater.

Yarowee Creek Walk Overflow from recent rain
Yarowee Creek Walk Overflow from recent rain
Learning to walk on a beam.
Learning to walk on a beam.










One day later, there is a message to husband “Call Me”, and the response is that he will be required to start in two or three weeks! Prior to this, I was living in the moment, after being given a laundry basket full of lemons and making lemonade (and other lemon based food products).

Lemonade and Lemon Butter
Lemonade and Lemon Butter
Playgroup fun
Playgroup fun









One day I set up the kids to attend the playgroup for the first time, seemed like the right thing to do given the news, and then realizing that this will be a short-term activity. Started back on the packing frenzy. Motivation is increasing once more. One day I was saying I’d better get out some of the toys that might be more age appropriate and challenging for a 9 month old, and set up his temporary accommodation in the spare room porta-cot as a “real bedroom”. The next day, its back to “just a few toys out to keep him going”.


What a week, first he starts to crawl, then he days “dad”, and then he waves at another baby he has met before at a coffee shop.  Thoughts are circulating about the ways he will be challenged with this move. We are still awaiting the work contract as a means to seal the deal later this week, but the excitement is rebuilding, and the whirl of questions are beginning to circle my head.


Its Autumn, leaves will fall and we will play.


So it’s clearly Autumn, and I am beginning to wonder if we will be in town for this Winter. We have slowed down a lot over the past month, with school holidays and Easter, and have spent time enjoying the weather, and some outdoor time.


We got a sandpit for the kids to play in, as you cant just wait around, life goes on and the kids are still growing and developing. Our daughter is wrapped to have a sandpit at home to play, and today we went out to spend some time frolicking and generally relaxing in the autumn leaves.

IMG_0388 IMG_0646 IMG_0678IMG_0494

I will miss the quiet tree lines street we live in, and the vibrant colors that are a big part of autumn in Ballarat. We made a lovely mobile from the autumn nature collection. Really trying to enjoy the simple life. I have sold some more reenactment gear from the 95th Rifles group too this week on Facebook, and i’m looking forward to reinvesting that into some new equipment soon. My son is really stepping up from a baby to a little boy, getting teeth and starting to get more mobile, rolling around like crazy. We also made some cute stick puppets (thanks Playschool)! which I am sure will get some use soon. Old birthday cards and chopsticks, and some stickers did the trick.IMG_0416


Its Autumn, and the Barrel is loaded.

The Biscuit Barrel that is….I’m generally not much into baking, but this month has been different. While we continue to wait for advancement on the move, I have decided to take the more reIMG_5097laxed approach to our plans and to do some things with the kids. This month saw my daughter turning two, and really developing in her language skills. The change in weather and autumn leaves falling makes me wonder if we will still be here come wintertime, and I’ve already had to raid the shed to unpack some boxes of kids clothes as they continue to grow with the seasons.

Toddlers are fussy little beasts, and I couldn’t tempt her with these treats, or cookie dough, or even her own rainbow birthday cherry cake. But the chili beans “jumping beans” was fantastic, and even used up a tin of beans from the pantry and a jar of peri-peri marinade in the fridge. Pancakes which often are a bit of a favorite remained uneaten, even with the inclusion of this funny little fella. (She has been unwell and teething). The pantry stock has declined, and there will be very little food in the house to deal with when we move. My son has been loving trying new foods.

Tasty chilli beans with fresh yellow capsicum from the garden.
Banana pancakes, monkeying around.
Number 2, Rainbow Cake. Easy to make, just a ring tin cake.

We have been able to offload a wide range of reenactment gear over the last few weeks, and will be doing a good trade off with a  friend later this week, so will hope to pick up some “Viking gear” which we will use in our new group. Birthday time has brought in new toys and more new fun to be had at home. so its been great just to spend some time playing with Playdoh and diggers and going to the park, and out for nature walks. I hope to make a  mobile out of our nature collections, and to roast the chestnuts we have collected on the chilly days. Even did some shopping from home online, there are just things that need to be replaced, we cant just wait until we move, especially with the basics. No-one wants to brush teeth with an old brush or to wear thin and holey undergarments, so we need some new supplies. This cool weather is requiring the logistics of wardrobe changes, coats and gumboots for jumping in muddy puddles.
DSCN1235 IMG_5039 IMG_4987